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Due to inactivity and the need for more characters, the administrators of the roleplay have been discussing whether or not to do a complete revamp. Not to be mistaken with the reboot we did during summer.

The revamp will mean that we’ll be starting completely fresh. A new main blog, new blogs for you characters, and new everything. Think of it as a new start, a new chance to do all the things you wanted your character to do or an easier way to leave the roleplay!

The revamp will most likely begin later this week, and we’ll be switching to seventh year. If you’d like to reserve your character/face claim then we urge you to do so soon as we will be creating face claims for the characters from now on.

Please, reblog this message so everyone can see it! This blog will be converted soon!

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james-potterx replied to your post: bridge and i might actually meet.

maaaaaaann we’re already meeting this summer when i go to boston

well, duh! that’s going to happen.

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bridge and i might actually meet.

well, fuck. i think i might die :’)

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The person I reblogged this from is beautiful.
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oh shit. tonight’s the full moon, isn’t it?



and then there’s this version…




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Everything was different; everything was changing. The great hall had never seemed so empty. The castle had never felt so big. The first years had never looked so young. And yet, Remus still felt exactly the same. It hadn’t quite hit them that they had graduated. They hadn’t quite accepted that it was their last day at the place they had called home for seven long years. While most had left already, many of the graduated students lingered. They walked aimlessly around the grounds and looked for any final secrets the old castle had to offer. They milked their last days at Hogwarts because they knew they would never get these final days back.

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dont tell me what to do

i do what i want. 

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so im no one OKAY

well i didn’t know you where here.  show yourself more often.

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